18+ year old and 21+ to work liquor related events.  You must also be legally allowed to work in the US.  Reliable transportation and communication is also a must!

Click WORK FOR US on the top right bar, follow the step-by-step registration process and instructions.  With an active profile, when jobs comes to your area that match we will email you and the event will become active on your personal calendar.  It’s that simple!  Under the files section of you calendar we also have the Staff Connect guide to using the system.  This is a great guide for booking and invoicing for events!

Nothing!  With a large database of staff we may have not had a project match for your area and expertise.  Feel free to email us so you’re fresh on our minds.  Label any communications with your city and full name so we know what area you are writing in from.

Please call the number for the designated event contact located in your calendar for the event you were booked on.  It will also be in any of your confirmation emails, please do this RIGHT AWAY.  If it 72 hours or more before the event you can also request a replacement on the event calendar.  We ask (beg!!) to always give us at least 24 hours notice, in some cases there is a fee if you cancel and the event has to be canceled because of this.

YOUR FIRED… No just kidding.  But seriously.  When you arrive on site you must check into our GPS time tracking application.  If you are late you are deducted on your pay (which isn’t fun, right) so show up early, be ready to work.  If you no show/no call you will be what we lovingly refer to as “BLACKLISTED” which means you will be removed for our database.

You must be at least 18 years old and legally allowed to work in the United States to be considered for ALL jobs. Programs involving liquor require you to be at least 21 years of age and may require a alcoholic beverage certification that is specific to your state.

Reply to any confirmations.  Keep checking in on your calendar for any events.  We will email and text you in order to keep you in the loop before and after each event.  Keep your confirmation emails handy.  This will supply you with all the contact information and location.  You will also be sent a text message 12-24 hours prior to the event.  This will again have event contact and address located on it.

Perfect 10 strives to be a fast paying company, we know you work hard to pay the bills.  We pay in 30 days or less.  Make sure to do your part to get paperwork in prior to working and keep your address updated so we can insure this happens.

Please email,  give them your full name, city you worked, the event name and the date of the event.  The more information the better we can help you.